What is a "Day in the life of a newborn" session?

A Day In The Life sessions are designed to capture the memories of now. Yes, that means the good, bad, and messy. They are all done from the comfort of your home highlighting your every day family life.

Why a Day In The Life sessions are so amazing

My Day in the Life sessions (DITL) have become a passion of mine and have been growing in popularity, and for good reason. These sessions capture the beauty and joy of your new baby in a natural and authentic way. It is a unique way to remember the early days of your child's life and to document the special bond between your family.

Bringing home a newborn is STRESSFUL. Emotions are high, sleep is minimal, and everything is constantly changing. One of the biggest benefits of a Day in Life Session is that it captures your sweet baby and whole family in their natural environment. Instead of posing the baby in a studio with ever changing props, uncomfortable temperatures, and harsh artificial lighting, I come to your home and takes pictures of your family in the nursery or other rooms in the house. This creates a more relaxed and natural setting for everyone, and the resulting images are more authentic and true to life.

Another benefit of a DITL session is that it captures the baby's personality and the unique relationship between the baby, parents, and siblings. I will capture those special moments of baby interacting with each person. This creates a more personal and meaningful record of the baby's early days. As mom of two kids I know just how magical it is to look back on those first images of our son holding his baby sister, singing her a song to calm her down, or even trying to feed her a bottle for the first time. They are images I will forever cherish (and one day look back on fondly when they are older and bickering in the next room).

Additionally, DITL is also a great way to document the details of the baby's first few weeks of life. I will take pictures of the baby's tiny fingers and toes, their little nose and ears, and other unique features. These images will help you to remember the small but special details that make a newborn so special.

Furthermore, DITL is also a great way to capture the family dynamic in a relaxed and natural setting. It allows parents to be in the photos with their new baby, something that traditional studio photography often lacks. Having these images of the whole family together in your home, in the environment you have created for your family, will become a cherished memory for the years to come.


How Long Are They?

Traditional studio newborn sessions can last 4‑5 hours. My home lifestyle sessions typically last 1‑2 hours. Why? Because at home they are most comfortable. They are used to the sounds, smells, and temperature of your home. That means they can sleep easier and stay happier. There is also the comfort of being able to nurse in your own space when needed to help soothe them back asleep faster.

BONUS: Since I come to you, you don't have to worry about travel time!!!

What to wear?

This is the best part!!!! I’m a big fan of wearing what you’re comfortable in! Keep it real!!! If you want to rock pjs or a bra, AWESOME!!! If you want to feel super put together and coordinated, that’s great too! Being at home lets you decide how “real” you want to keep it! We'll work together to decide what works best for you and your family (including any special props, outfits, and more).

How do I book one?

Easy! Just head over to the CONTACT link at the top to send me a message!!!