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I hear this ALL THE TIME... "I never get a nice picture of me and my kid(s)". As a photographer I know the value of photo. As a mother I know the emotional connection. Our children grow and change so fast and sometimes we get caught up trying to capture their moments that we often times forget about being an active part of them. I can't tell you how many beautiful and emotional photos I capture of my husband and our son. Most times I have to ask Jake to take a picture of Jamey and I. Bless his heart that he tries his best. I'm thankful for each time he does but it's never quite the same.

After talking to a few friends and joking that sometimes it's rare to get that #proofofmompic, I decided it was time for us to step into the spotlight. Let's celebrate moms and the amazing bonds we have with our children on more occasions than just Mother's Day. That's why I decided to start offering Mommy and Me Mini Sessions.

The best part about these sessions is it's on your time. There's no stress scheduling them on one set weekend at a specific time but rather anytime! You get to pick what's meaningful to you and where. Do you both love the beach? Maybe the park? Or maybe your special place is at home together! This is a time to make it all about you!!!

Discover below some more information and examples of recent Mommy and Me Mini Sessions!

Pricing & Package Information

Mommy and Me Mini Session


* 30 Minute Session
* 8 High Resolution Digital Files with ability to add on prints, wall art, and additional files

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Recent Mommy and Me Mini Sessions