The story of a photographer

"Has potential but talks too much in class". That was listed at least once on every. single. report card. It's true... I love to talk. My husband says I've never met a stranger. In reality I just love people. It's a passion of mine to meet new people, build new relationships, and capture them. To me it's more than just taking pictures. I live for those moments when clients call me excited about their next milestone and trusting me to be a part of it. Whether it's a new engagement, baby, or move, I believe it's important to savor those memories.

My family is the most important thing to me so I know how precious yours is to you. I have two very spirited (and stubborn) boys in my life. The first is my Marine Corps husband that I've known since 6th grade. We share a crazy 5 year old boy and baby girl. Most days you'll find us having dance parties at home or playing at the beach.

Some fun facts about me: I am a 34 year old hot mess mom who loves re-watching Friends, Harry Potter, Disney+, and basically any late 90s/early 2000s teen movie. If you see me around town I am most likely rocking either my crazy curls or a messy bun. My husband and I both went to Elon University where I was a double art major (photography and digital art). If you want something just supply me with tacos, Fractured Prune, or bacon and I'll give you whatever you want.