I love neutral colors! The reason being, they are classic! They don’t “age” or go out of style, and they are safe. Small pops of colors will look great during these sessions. The weather is cool, winter is here which means cozy sweaters and comfy clothes!

If you know me, you know I love bright and bold colors. The downside of these is that they tend to photograph strange and reflect causing everyone and everything to look different colors.

If you love those vibrant tones, use one of those colors as a pop with shoes, jewelry, or a layer that can also be removed. The other option is incorporating it subtly in a pattern like plaid or floral to help break it up. Another tip, if you choose a colored pant, then go with a neutral top, and vice versa. You don’t want kiddos wearing all the same color head to toe!

Colors to avoid: a lot of solid red, orange, yellow, or bright green

Colors to try: muted darker blue, gold, dark gray, pastels, cream, or light grey or tan. Pastels are a great way to add in color during spring and summer months! You can even throw in some blush or gold with your neutrals for a subtle but classic pop of color.

Here are some tips and tricks to make you look and feel your best!

1. Avoid Vibrant Colors: Skip red, yellow, orange, or neon hues as they can reflect and alter skin tones.

2. Timeless Neutrals: Neutrals are your best friend – they go well with any location and never go out of style.

3. Pastel Pop: Add a touch of color with pastels for a vibrant yet soft look.

4. Pattern Play: Steer clear of tiny patterns and stripes to avoid camera sensor confusion. Feel free to mix patterns and fabric textures for a dynamic ensemble.

5. Comfort is Key: Wear what makes you comfortable; it reflects in the pictures.

6. Shop Your Closet: No need for a new wardrobe; often, what you have is perfect.

7. Order of Dressing: Start with mom's outfit, then kids, and finish with dad for a coordinated family look.

8. Accessorize: Don't shy away from props or accessories to add a personal touch.

9. Blanket Comfort: Bring a neutral or solid blanket for both style and warmth during outdoor sessions.

10. Mind the Season: Dress appropriately for the season and location. Layers work well for cooler weather, and breathable fabrics for warmer days.

11. Coordinate, Don't Match: Aim for coordinated outfits rather than everyone wearing the exact same thing. This adds visual interest.

12. Consider the Background: If you know the location, choose colors that complement or contrast with the surroundings. It enhances the overall composition.

13. Grooming Matters: Pay attention to hair, nails, and overall grooming. A little extra effort in these areas can elevate the entire look.

14. Avoid Logos: Steer clear of clothing with prominent logos or characters that might distract from the main focus – you!

15. Stay Timeless: Classic, timeless pieces tend to look good in photos for years to come. Think about how your choices will age.

16. Natural Makeup: If you're wearing makeup, keep it natural. Heavy makeup can sometimes look exaggerated in photos.

17. Plan Ahead: Lay out everyone's outfits the night before to ensure everything fits well and is ready to go.

Remember, the key is to feel comfortable and confident. Enjoy the session, and let your personalities shine through! 

Let me know if you have any questions! I am always willing to walk you through your options. We can even lay out all of your outfits to preview how it will look!

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